I'm proud to offer one of the most powerful fitness opportunities in the community. Living Greater Health is my Go To health & fitness organization helping me stay strong and improve my quality of life.



14 Day Fitness Program For Your Schedule

Finally develop a routine and fitness lifestyle to reach your goals. No time? No problem! We know its harder to get started than it is to get fit. We ALL started here. You're up!

Nutrition Plans That Taste Great & Are Easy To Follow

No matter what your body type, 90% of fitness is nutrition. Simply drinking water like Kohdi encourages isn't enough. Having the right nutrition plan guarantees you enjoy your food and feed your machine what it needs to live fit.

Want A Coach? You've Got One!

Coach Arn is one of the best coaches in the industry and works one on one and in group setting with Kohdi and friends. Even leaders have coaches and Arn is absolutely amazing!

Have A Blast In Our Online Community

Community is the backbone to our success. Connect with real people in similar circumstances and share your journey to weight loss. Together we're unstoppable!

"Is It Really NO CHARGE"?

Yes! 100%. No "deposits" No "Bait-and-Switch" No Gimmicks.

Why? Simple. We believe in Karma. We know how important it is to have the right resources and support when we begin to take our health seriously. This is the best place to start.

As Kohdi repeats daily, you've got to get good at investing in yourself. Once you start feeling superhuman you'll make the obvious choice to level up by challenging yourself with the premium opportunities.


Daily Reminders

Receive daily updates with reminders to eat right and track your body stats. Finally have a simple to use utility to see your progress every step of the way.

Direct Messaging

Speak directly to your personal coach and accountability partner any time. Reach out and connect when you want the support you deserve.

Custom Workouts

From HIIT training to timed interval workouts! Enjoy a custom routine that works for your lifestyle and scale up as you progress. Trust us, there is no limit to this journey. If you can see it, we can help you get there!